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About Us

Ferocious Media is the dedicated digital arm of Connoisseur Media and is comprised of award-winning industry leaders whose track records speak for themselves. Our highly customized digital marketing solutions are built and executed using our experience and today's cutting edge tools, all while keeping your company's vision in mind.

Our mission is simple: to help businesses of all sizes achieve online success and growth.

A Dedication to Success

After seeing that most of the big players in the industry were offering low-quality campaigns and a set it and forget it approach to search engine marketing, the founder of Ferocious saw an opportunity to offer something better.

The result was a company that offered high-quality campaigns done the right way. Our industry-leading client retention rate, commitment to quality, and our rapid growth caught the attention of Google and earned us the prestigious Google Premier SMB Partner accreditation.

Way More Than Just Search Engine Marketing

What once started with a love for search engine marketing, has quickly evolved to a full-service digital agency offering a diverse suite of products to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Working with clients all over the country, we saw the demand for more digital offerings and our team quickly grew to meet these needs. From paid advertising to SEO, we are always at the forefront of the latest marketing trends.

Ready For Online Success?

With unparalleled customer service, our customized solutions, and sheer love for what we do, we help clients succeed on-line. Contact us today to learn how you can grow with Ferocious Media.

Our Accreditations

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