Audience Retargeting

Target users who have visited your site.

Show your ads to the most qualified users,
those who have been to your site.

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Show Ads To Users Who Have Expressed Interest In Your Services

PPC Remarketing

Remarketing lets your business show ads to users who have already expressed an interest in your products or services by targeting those that have recently visited your website.

Increase conversions and brand awareness.

Remarketing keeps your brand fresh in the minds of prospective consumers and stimulates their return to your website. This can provide a positive impact on ROI. The added ability to combine remarketing with other targeting methods—such as customer interests, or specific site topics—can also increase the potential for more conversions, calls and engagement with your target audience.

The Remarketing Cycle
Audience Retargeting Services

Ferocious Media's Retargeting Strategy

In order to run a remarketing campaign for your business we first need to tag all pages of your website relevant to the services you are advertising. This enables us to build an audience specific to users that have viewed those pages. We then create highly relevant ads to be shown to your remarketing audience via the Google Display Network, which is comprised of millions of websites from Gmail to YouTube, and reaches 90% of internet users across the world.

Display and remarketing expertise matters.

Our Search Engine Marketing analysts have the knowledge and experience to build and maintain the most effective remarketing campaign for your business. We'll make sure that your brand message gets in front of your target audience when it matters most.

How Does A Remarketing Campaign Work?

Search Remarketing Process

The Remarketing Process

Place The Remarketing Tag Throughout Your Website
The first step of a remarketing campaign is to place the remarketing tag on all pages you wish to track. Once the code is installed, every user that visits those pages will be added to your remarketing list.
As Users Visit Your Site Your Retargeting List Will Build
When someone visits a page with your remarketing tag on it, they get added to a list. This allows us to target those users with ads catered to them later on. It is possible to create multiple tags and build multiple lists so you can serve specific ads based on the users' interaction with your site.
Users Will Leave Your Website Without Converting
Not every user that visits your site will buy something or fill out a form. We can even track users that abandon shopping carts on e-commerce stores and target them with ads for the products they left behind. Everyone deserves a second chance!
Target Those Lost Customers With Ads
Once we build our remarketing lists we can then serve up ads to these users on the Google Display Network. The GDN is comprised of millions of the top websites on the internet and reaches 90% of internet users. Users who have expressed an interest in your products or services will be shown your ads while they are elsewhere on the internet.
Users Return To Your Site & Have Another Chance To Convert
If users click your ad and return to your site, chances are they are still interested in your product or service. Remarketing is highly efficient and targeted, leading to some of the highest return on ad spend that internet advertising has to offer.

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