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Did you know 95% of time online is spent outside of search? If you are only running search campaigns, you are missing out.

Programmatic Media Buying

Programmatic Media Buying is very popular. This is where you utilize an adserver and target websites across all platforms. You are able to target content, demographics, behaviors, channels, or any combination along with geo-fencing your campaign to only be served where you want to be. It is a CPM pricing model (cost per thousand impressions), and you are able to cover almost 100% of the internet sites where ads can be placed.

The Google Display Network

The Google Display Network is one of several display networks, but captures about 25% of the display landscape. It is very easy to add to and work with your Google ads campaign. It is a great way to enter into the display realm, without spending a lot of money. The pricing options include both CPM and CPC (cost per click) pricing models.

Display Advertising on the Google Display Network
Online Display Advertising

Ferocious Media's Display Strategy

Running a display campaign for your business will require banner ads. We can create the image ads that are relevant to the audience we will target and services your business would like to advertise. Once we have the banner ads we can then set up a target customer based on location and campaign parameters.

Let's say you were advertising for a summer camp — We would target a 10 mile radius around your location, users between the ages 25-54 (parents) who are on parenting websites and also web pages that contain the words summer camp or day camp.

Display & branding expertise.

Our account analysts are all Google Display Network Certified Professionals. We will help you find the correct target audience for your ads and optimize the campaigns so that you have the best ROI.

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