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Facebook Ads Management

Advertise Your Business On Facebook

Advertise on Facebook

When it comes to advertising online, most people think their only option is a search engine ad, but that is not the case. By now we all know that Facebook is a major site but what most people don't know is that advertising on Facebook actually provides one of the most targeted advertising opportunities available.

Why Advertise With Facebook Ads?

Facebook is the #2 most visited website in the world with more than half of their users visiting every day. Currently 3 out of every 4 smart phone users use Facebook on their phone. With that large of a user base, it is possible to target almost any demographic. Businesses can target Facebook users based on their location (state, city, zip), demographics, interests, likes, behaviors, connections and more.

How does Facebook Ad Pricing Work?

Facebook ad pricing works on an auction system, similar to Google ads. You place a bid telling Facebook how much you are willing to pay per click, or per thousand people who will potentially see your ad.

Facebook Ad Placement

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